axesPDF QuickFix - Check & remediate in one step

Professional checking & remediation tool for the creation of accessible PDFs (WCAG 2 & PDF/UA)

No matter if you create an accessible PDF with InDesign, Word or Acrobat - axesPDF® QuickFix is a short cut if you want to achieve PDF/UA conformance.

axesPDF® QuickFix at a glance
Program for checking and remediation in one step
Professional version of PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) 2
A lot of 1-click-fixing buttons
(for the complete document)
Advanced correction of tag properties & attributes
(for one element or for several elements)
Simplified structure view for a quick visual evaluation
Clear expert view for specific diagnosis
(Logical Structure / Document View / Properties / Role Mapping)
System requirements: Windows 7 and above.

User interface and buttons - an overview

1-click-fixing buttons

axesPDF® QuickFix offers a lot of 1-click-fixing buttons like:

  • mark all non-tagged elements in the document as artifacts with one click
  • Insert missing spaces (between words) - on the content level
  • Add IDs to every Note-Tags
  • Add link descriptions
  • Add the PDF/UA-identifier

Watch this short screencast in order to get a first impression of the user interface and all the available buttons:

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